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Star Ballet-Freakzz
4 all the serious ballet dancers...U'r welcome 2 join....And all the peepz who may be interested,u'r welcome 2!!! Well,keep the points turning! ^_^

Group Founder: anjolie
Group Type: Public join
Members: 17
Category: Arts & Culture > Dance and Theater

Topics (4)

go Dancers (0) rasgal
Any girl who wishes to dance totally naked for me can join my group x

go Nude ballet (0) rasgal
Does any1 else fantasise about nude female dancers ?

go Do u hav 2 be anorexic or bulimic to be a dancer? (2) anjolie
Y'all hav seen many programs on tv lately,which concerns the weight of dancers...Not every 1 can look like a SUPERMODEL? U must take care of u'r body though,but not meaning to harm u'r immune system,o...

go Tummy (0) maymed
For someone that has a little big tummy&wants to curtail it so u can be more flexible&also want to be lighter.How do u go about doing this?